Article Reflection

Updated on: October 8, 2021

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Read the Article attached and write a one-page reflection following the instructions:
11pt. Arial, single space, double space between sections and paragraphs, 1” margins, bullet points and short sentences are preferred. Be certain that your Article Reflection addresses the following: Here is the format: MAIN IDEA (Section 1) MAIN THEMES INSIGHTS (Section 2) APPLICATION (Section 3) What are possible scenarios for the future of advertising? What forces could or will shape the future of advertising? From your experience and what you've learned in the course, where do you agree or disagree with the author about the future of advertising? What’s the main idea? (Two or three sentences, not a summary, but your main takeaway from the article) Pick three or four themes from the article. Identify each followed by a brief description. Use the questions as a guide. Integrate your responses into this section. I want you to engage with the ideas, the concepts, not critique the articles/videos, per se. Instead, look for what’s of value, for that which could be helpful to you in some way. However, don’t hold back where you disagree; back up assertions with substance. How would you apply the concepts in your personal life and career? (Pick one or more for application) How would the concepts be useful in Marketing Communications decisions, strategy, and communication? (Pick one or more for application)

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