BMGT 330- Collaboration Exercise

Updated on: October 8, 2021

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Week 4 Collaboration This is not a learning activity! Please review the collaborative rubric which has a different grading criteria and guidelines. These can be found under the week four content area. For the collaborative exercises in Weeks 4 - 7 students are required to: Make an initial post by Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Actively participate three or more days throughout the week by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Provide constructive feedback to the posts to all group members. Evaluate their posts in terms of how they have applied their ideas to the requirements of the business plan under discussion for that week. Remember to justify your responses with details from the Perdue Business Plan APA formatting with in text citations and reference list are required is only required in the initial post. All other posts are to be supported with ideas from the material but discussion should emulate the face to face classroom with free exchange of ideas about the material and its application. Look at the collaborative rubric for grading details. This week create the business plan sections- the business description and market analysis. Start by posting your draft plan sections for these areas. Next, examine your classmates responses and begin to discuss with them points you see that are good and/or need improvement. Your should be evaluating their work in the context of the requirements necessary to write a good business description and competitive analysis. Take on the role of the banker or investor; what answers would they want to see in these sections? Finally, once you have completed your initial post read those of your classmates and give them constructive feedback as to whether they have clearly defined and applied the class materials as delineated in the assignment. Be sure that the feedback is constructive and that you are actually collaborating with them to come up with valid arguments on why the ideas being discussed Posting comments such as “good post” are not considered constructive feedback. Feedback responses must contain course material-oriented content using APA format to include in text citations and a reference list. Additional Requirements and Information: All initial posts must have headers similar to a research paper. All initial posts for collaboration are due Friday of each week. Failure to post by Friday will result in a lower collaboration grade as per the rubric (See Rubric for Specifics) Comments or response posts to others are to progress throughout the week actively and must be completed by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. ET. All members of the group are expected to have their work read and commented on by all the members. Discussion from each week should be reflected in the final paper. It is mandatory that students use only the course material to support statements. APA format with in text citations and reference list is required in the initial post only. Each week's collaboration activity is worth 5 points. Week 4: Starting a Business Plan Theme 1: Starting a Business Plan Now you have an idea! The idea requires further research to determine if it is a viable business opportunity. A business plan for new ventures aids in researching the viability of the new idea as a business. The business plan helps to define the product, the customer, the resources needed to launch the product or service, and the capital investment. In the next three weeks, we will examine the steps for developing the plan for a new business venture. This week, the beginning steps of writing a business description will be the focus. Writing a Business Plan for a New Venture 7 Steps for Establishing the Right Business Model Theme 2: Business Description Section Serves to tell readers what this business is about and why it should exist. It is the introduction to the business! Who will own this business, what is its purpose, and how the business will be legally formed are questions that should be answered in this section. Describe the business. For instance, is it new, a spin off, an acquisition or a subsidiary? Major areas to be included are a mission statement that will give the reader a sense of why this business is important both to you and the community. The mission states gives the new venture gravitas. Two additional features for the description should be a business overview and a general discussion of the products and/or services the company will offer. Best Elements to Include in the Business Description

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