Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper

Updated on: October 30, 2021

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Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper

Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper


Complete a concept analysis on one of the following topics. Utilize the Overcoming concept analysis as an example. This part of the assignment should be at least 1000 words and contain the following parts: Introduction, Definition and Uses of the Concept, Defining Attributes, Antecedents, Consequences, Model Case, Borderline Case, Contrary Case, and Implications for Nursing Practice. Your chosen defining attributes should be clearly identified in each of the three cases.


Appraise ways in which your nursing practice (patient care, education, research, administration, etc.) has been influenced by nursing (or borrowed) theory.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper

The assignment should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length and contain at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook and provided material.  Please submit your assignment in one APA formatted document.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper

            The purpose of concept analysis is to ensure that a comprehensive explanation of a phenomenon in nursing and its linkage to theory and practice is provided. In this paper, Jean Watson's human caring theory and its relation to the nursing profession is discussed. Care is a central aspect in nursing as it helps to facilitate the recovery of patients. Therefore, it is a special attribute that nurses should possess to be able to provide in the form of services to patients. Using Avant and Walker's eight step concept analysis approach, this paper analyzes the caring concept and its inferences to nursing practice. Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
Definition and Uses of the Concept
            According to the English oxford dictionary, caring is both a noun and an adjective. In the adjective form, it is basically considered as an act of expressing concern and kindness to other people. In the noun form, it is a practice of looking after an individual who is unable to personally care for oneself. According to the nursing definition, caring is the use of individual knowledge and skills to exhibit empathy and concern to other people. From the field of sociology, Jean Watson's described caring as an act of compassion which is an integral component in the foundation of the nurse-patient therapeutic alliance. He further described caring as an act which progresses beyond treatment to: improve understanding, relieve suffering and promote a patient's overall being (Jones, 2018). Apart from the physical aspects which are catered for in hospital settings, caring also includes addressing the spiritual, emotional, social and psychological needs of a patient to hasten recovery and improve health outcomes. With reference to the moral principles  that guide nursing  as a profession, Jean Watson emphasized that, caring  is a moral act  where  a nurse professional commits  to not only promote but also protect and preserve  the humanity of an individual which translates to healing.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
Defining Attributes
            There are numerous attributes linked to the concept of caring that can actually be used to define it. In this context, an attribute simply refers to intrinsic characteristics which are important to a concept's meaning. As explained by Jean Watson, some of the most relevant attributes in caring include: action, variability, relationship, action and acceptance (Jones, 2018). A relationship refers to the state of connection between two or more people.  A relationship exists when a nurse recognizes a deficit in care and tries to address the needs of a patient. After developing a caring relationship, the nurse will take the responsibility to address the deficits in care through actions which aim at caring for the patient (Jones, 2018).
To provide the right standards of care, it is mandatory for a nurse to perform an action that betters the patient's state of being. An action refers to the process of executing an idea or decision to achieve a specific aim.  In this case, actions can be in the form of competency, nursing care, physical presence or touch which increase the level of interaction between a patient and a nurse. When it comes to attitude, it refers to a settled way of feeling r thinking about someone or something. Nurses are expected to have a positive attitude and be confident of what they say and do (Jones, 2018).  This should come with full acceptance that a patient is a human who needs to be understood and treated with a lot of respect and dignity. Acceptance refers to the process of consenting to undertake a service that is being provided. Besides, their feelings and values need to be taken into consideration. When it comes to variability, it should be noted that caring is a concept which is expected to evolve from time to time in terms of skills and proficiency in clinical practice. Variability refers to the state of being liable to change. As outlined by Drahošová & Jarošová (2016), Watson emphasized that, for a nurse to provide care to others, one must first take good care of themselves.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
Antecedents and Consequences
            According to Watson, so that a caring relationship is maintained between a patient and a nurse, the antecedents of rapport and trust are mandatory. Nurses can express trust through integrity and being committed. There are also a number of consequences involved in a caring relationship which nurses should be aware of. The most notable are that of patient healing and nurse satisfaction (Wolf & France, 2017).  One of the most vital outcomes for a patient as a result of the care provided by a nurse is healing where a patient regains his/her health status. In such a relationship, a nurse will demonstrate a lot of tolerance for uncertain situations and be highly empowered (Wolf & France, 2017). As a result, one's passion to continue practicing increases the professional satisfaction and good performance.
Model Case
            Stephanie who is a nurse in an acute care setting walks into the inpatient surgical ward and introduces herself to a patient and family members  after greetings and a handshake.  By maintaining eye contact, she addresses the patient and explains about confidentiality before asking for permission to discuss her care plan with the patient and family.  Since the patient wishes that his family members leave the room to avoid sharing medical information, Stephanie politely requests the family members the same. Stephanie then explains to the patient that she will have to undergo a transfusion as recommended by the attending doctor since she is anemic as a result of blood loss from a major surgery that she had recently undergone. Nurse Stephanie explains the purpose of the transfusion and the reason that the doctor's ordered for it.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
            After this explanation, the patient openly expresses her shock, confusion and concern since a blood transfusion is against her cultural and spiritual values. In a calm and comforting approach, nurse Stephanie takes time to explain to the patient the benefits and risks of the transfusion with reference to her health status condition and shows her the step by step process of how it's done and the patient immediately agrees to it. Nurse Stephanie takes the patients vital signs and records on an observation chart and immediately starts the transfusion. She observes the patient and records the vital signs after every 15 minutes until 60 minutes are over and the transfusion is complete. Stephanie asks the patient for any additional concerns and after addressing them, she retrieves the friends and family members who were in the waiting room to go and see the patient. After two days, nurse Stephanie orders for a repeat Hb level which turned out to be 8.9g/dl from a previous reading of 6.3g/dl after which she recommends that the patient takes a lot of vegetables, fruits and foods rich in iron.
Nurse Stephanie makes use of the caring concept by addressing all the five caring attributes that were initially discussed in this paper. She also addressed the patient's concerns of the blood transfusion that conflicted her cultural and spiritual values. Nurse Stephanie educated the patient, monitored her, followed her step by step in the entire period of care and developed a professional therapeutic relationship before, during and after the care process (Gillespie et al., 2017).  By doing so, it is not arguable that she possesses the necessary knowledge and skills. Even after the blood transfusion, nurse Stephanie later followed her up to address ant existing concerns. By accepting to have the transfusion even when it was against the patient's spiritual and cultural values, it is certain that the antecedents of rapport and trust were achieved (Wolf & France, 2017). Similarly, the consequences of improved health as evidenced by a Hb level of 8.9g/dl from the previous 6.3g/dl was also addressed.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
Comparison cases
Borderline Case
A nurse enters the room, introduces herself and welcomes gives a warm welcome to the patient in her unit. Thereafter, the nurse mentions that she needs to transfuse the patient with packed cells as recommended by the physician since she is anemic. The patient is indecisive and asks the nurse to make the decision on her behalf. The nurse starts the transfusion and asks the patient if there's anything else before leaving to administer medications to other patients.  Since the patient says that she has no question, the nurse leaves the room. In this case, the nurse takes the time to identify herself and tries to establish the much needed nurse-patient therapeutic alliance. She explains her concern on the patient's anemia and clearly explains that there is a task that has to be completed. Neither does she educate the patient on what blood transfusion is and how it's done, nor tries to find out whether it violates the patients religious or cultural values. After the transfusion, the nurse enquires if she has any issues that need to be addressed. In this case, the nurse fails to fully illustrate the caring concept but illustrates some of its aspects (Gillespie et al., 2017). Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
Contrary Case
A nurse who walks into a room, pulls a patient's bedding and states that she is going to do a blood transfusion based on the patient's anemic state after losing a lot of blood during a major surgical operation. The nurse briefly asks the patient whether she has any additional concerns before continuing to start the transfusion. In such a case, the nurse fails to identify herself to the patient and doesn't give her time to think nor address any concerns that the client may have (Wolf & France, 2017). The nurse also fails to give an explanation on the procedure to be performed on the patient and therefore failed to exhibit the characteristics of the concept of caring. Instead, it can be noted that the nurse was simply in a rush to complete the tasks she has to do without considering need of providing holistic care.
Implications for Nursing Practice
The understanding of the concept of caring calls for nurses to improve clinical practice and demonstrate it through: actions, a positive attitude, improved skills and knowledge, a good nurse-patient therapeutic alliance and accepting patients for who they are. To be able to effectively provide care to patients, nurses should be: committed, competent, compassionate, confident and conscience (Norman, Rossillo & Skelton, 2016). This can be achieved through: life-long learning to acquire more knowledge and skills and improve on the level of care provided to patients, consistency in working on the behalf of others, upholding high standards of excellence in daily work, empathizing with patients and having a strong sense of oneself to be able to influence positive change.Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper
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Wolf, Z. R., & France, N. E. (2017). Caring in Nursing Theory. International Journal of Human Caring, 21(2), 95-108. Concept Analysis on Caring Essay Paper

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