ACCS Visual Design Questions

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Select ONE data visualization from ONE of the following sample visual reports to analyze:

Sample_ReportwViz_Dept of Ed2 Download Sample_ReportwViz_Dept of Ed2Sample_ReportwViz_EPA 

Sample_ReportwViz_NASA Download Sample_ReportwViz_NASA

Sample_ReportwViz_Alcoa Download Sample_ReportwViz_Alcoa

Analyze that ONE visual by answering the following questions:

  • Which visual did you choose and from which report?

What type of visual is it (e.g., pie chart, line graph, data map, etc.)? Is the visual appropriate for the type of data? Why do you think so? (Think about what particular types of visuals are best used for, as explained in the Visual Design chapter you read.)

What is the purpose of the visual (in relation to the overall report)? How do you know? What specific elements of the visual led you to your conclusion? Is the visual placed appropriately within the overall report to support the author's purpose?

Does the design of the visual  (e.g., color, key, etc.) contribute to or detract from the clarity and accuracy of the visual? What specific elements support your conclusion?

Do you find any other ethical concerns with the visual? What specific aspects of the visual make it appear the data is being represented in a fair and accurate way, or not?

Overall, do you find the visual effective? Why or why not?

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