Artifact Reflection

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1. Then and Now (artifact comparison)

1. Make a claim about a skill that you have grown in over the course of this quarter. 

2. Introduce an early assignment as evidence of how you were doing with this skill earlier on in the quarter. (Note: instead of pasting the whole thing in, introduce an excerpt of the assignment. What could be best is to take a screenshot of the relevant portion of the assignment and include that in your response.) Use highlighting, annotation, or another technique to make the relevant portions of the work stand out to your reader

3. Patiently analyze the evidence you've introduced to support your claim about the skill you see in that assignment. This means pointing to specific portions of the assignment and explaining HOW those portions of the assignment represent your level of aptitude in this skill. DO NOT just summarize what you did in this assignment! Instead, think of this as an argument: you want to prove to your reader that this assignment demonstrates your excellence in this skill. 

4. Now, introduce a later piece of work that shows a higher level of aptitude in this skill. Again, introduce an excerpt of that assignment and use highlighting, annotation, or another technique to make the relevant portions of the work stand out to your reader. 

5. Now, analyze this newer artifact to support a claim about how far you've come in this skill. How should the reader understand your development in this skill? Your goal is to show not just that you've grown in the skill, but that you've achieved some level of mastery of the skill.

2. Final Portfolio Rhetorical Goals (about the Introduction)

In a response of at least 500 words, answer the following questions. You can include multimodal features in this response if you'd like.

1. What message do you want your Portfolio to send, if you could sum that message up
in one sentence?
2. What is the best way to get that message across?
3. What is one major skill that you'd like to show off in the Portfolio? How can you show
it off? What are different types of evidence you can use to show off this skill?
4. Who is the audience for this portfolio?
5. What do you know about that audience that can help you appeal to them/him/her/it?
Think deeply.
6. Why might you want to include multimodal aspects in your portfolio (photos, videos,
songs, etc?)? What are some ways you can think to make good use of this ability?
7. What is the first impression you want your reader to have when they open up your
Portfolio? How can you achieve that?
8. What do you want your reader to think when they finish reading/browsing your
Portfolio and put it down? What do you want them to feel? How can you achieve that?

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