Differential diagnoses and pediatrics

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In this discussion, you will need to begin to explore your future role as a masters-prepared nurse and consider potential differential diagnoses for a child after reading a brief scenario.

Please answer the following:

1. What are the priority areas of concern for the masters-prepared nurse to consider in reviewing the individual’s diagnostic test results?

2. What are the usual treatment options for individuals suffering from his condition based on the potential differential diagnoses?

Explain your rationale for your choices, citing resources from the literature.

John, a four-year-old boy, is being admitted to your unit for further treatment, management, and confirmation of diagnostic test results. His most recent complete blood count revealed a total white blood count of 250,000/µL. John has loss of appetite, is easily bruised, has gums that bleed frequently, and has marked fatigue. The physical exam reveals that he has splenomegaly, pale skin color, an oral temperature of 102°F, and some upper abdomen tenderness.

3. What would you expect the patient to look like? What are the risks associated with the medical and nursing interventions? What are your plans to address these potential risk factors as a master’s-prepared nurse?

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