End of life care in the ICU

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There is a plethora of research which shows there is a lack of education and knowledge pertaining to nurses in the intensive care unit being prepared to care for patients during their end of life. Prepare an outline of you Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) project pertaining to this topic. 

Section 1 includes the introduction, background and significance, the problem statement, and the clinical question. This section includes the conceptual and theoretical framework:                                                                                                               

Section 2 is the literature review which is a thorough examination of the literature relating to the clinical issue, the theory, and content in section1.

 The student will develop a conceptual framework as foundational preparation for sections 1 & 2 in the DNP Project. 

APA format is required. Assignment length is 350 – 500 words.

The student will be graded on:

The student Identifies a creative, focused, and manageable topic that addresses potentially  significant yet previously less-explored aspects of the topic (lack of knowledge/experience of nurses caring for patients during the end of life process). (16.67%)

Synthesizes in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/approaches. (16.67%)

All elements of the methodology or theoretical framework are skillfully developed. Appropriate methodology or theoretical frameworks may be synthesized from across disciplines or from relevant subdisciplines. (16.67%)

 Organizes and synthesizes evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities related to focus. (16.67%)

 States a conclusion that is a logical extrapolation from the inquiry findings. (16.67%)

 Insightfully discusses in detail relevant and supported limitations and implications. (16.67%)

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