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financial plans : Develop an emergency management financial plan for your organization. Provide baseline information about your organization detailing the population and general budget information. Give examples or case study information about grants or historical declaration funding that supports your financial plan. If you do not work for a a government agency, research a county or local government with a population of at least 100,000 citizens. Assignment Guidelines Complete the following: Address the following in 900�1,200 words: Include normal, emergency, and recovery funding sources that are identified within your organization. Include state or federal grants for which you would apply. Include the requirements or restrictions that are associated with these grants. Identify the critical resources that your agency cannot provide and would receive through mutual aid or nongovernmental organizations. Discuss emergency funding needs and procedures. Including 3 vendors or suppliers with whom you would establish a memorandum of agreement to lock in pricing and availability. Outline your continuity of operations for financial responsibility to ensure that an event will be mitigated. Assume that your employees who execute the purchasing activities are compromised during an event. Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.  

Criminology : Undergraduate : Essay : English (U.S.) :4 pages/1200 words :APA 2 sources  due in 4 hours from now 

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