Henrietta Lacks and Healthcare Leadership

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During Skloot and Deborah's meeting with Christoph Lengauer, he emphasizes the importance of Henrietta Lacks's contribution to science and how she is remembered in the medical community. He states, "Whenever we read books about science, it's always HeLa this and HeLa that. Some people know those are the initials of a person, but they don't know who that person is. That's important history."

Write a 525- to 700-word article that addresses the following:

  • Evaluate whether the book effectively illustrates the significance of Henrietta Lacks's life, her contributions to science, and their impact on her family. Answer the following questions in your evaluation:
    • Are there problematic elements as to how Skloot portrays Lacks and her family?
    • Do you agree with Lengauer's quote that it is important to know about Henrietta Lacks? Why or why not?
    • Explain how learning about Henrietta Lacks's story helped you become a more ethical leader.
    • Provide 2 to 3 examples of what medical professionals can do to prevent unethical practices.

Use 3 examples from the book to support your response and cite the novel.

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