MCC Carpooling By Susan Wong Text Summary

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By Susan Wong

People get to work in myriad ways.Some take the bus, others take the subway, and still others take taxis or even walk.It depends where a person lives.If one lives in the city, there are many options; in the country or a small town, there are not so many choices.In the United States, many cities have no public transportation and individuals often live far away from their work.So what do they do?They must drive.A number of people make the choice to carpool.They do so because there are many advantages to carpooling:it increases socializing, it is environmentally friendly, and it even it saves money.

The first reason people choose to carpool is that people have found that they enjoy the social aspect of it.When one drives to work by oneself every day, there is nothing to do but listen to the radio.Some individuals spend up to one hour commuting to work.This becomes mundane after a while.Carpooling provides an opportunity to talk with one’s co-workers and get to know them better.One can discuss problems at work and even personal problems and affairs.Just last year, I started carpooling with my co-worker.We talked about everything and got to know each other really well.We are now very good friends and work much better together than before.It has been a very pleasurable experience.

Another reason people choose to carpool is that it is environmentally friendly.Cars emit a great deal of CO2, or carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air and causes myriad problems with the environment.Acid rain, which causes trees and vegetation to die, is a problem in many parts of the world.CO2 is a direct cause of acid rain.People’s health is also adversely affected by pollution from cars. Many individuals develop lung problems, such as emphysema and cancer.Children often get asthma and researchers have found that there is a direct correlation between CO2 pollution and these conditions.Carpooling keeps the air cleaner, so both of these problems would improve.

The final reason carpooling is popular is that it saves people money.When one drives oneself to work every day, one bears the cost alone.Driving to work means that one must pay for gas, car repairs, oil changes, etc.If one shares rides, the cost of gas will be cut in two, saving a person up to $200 a month.Car repairs, new tires and oil changes also get expensive.Car owners spend thousands of dollars on this every year.Therefore, over the course of a year, carpooling could save an individual a great deal of money.

To conclude, there are many ways one can get to work. Depending on where one lives, one can take public transportation or even walk to work.As we discussed, for many, driving is the only option.Among these individuals, many choose to carpool because they enjoy socializing, they care about the environment and it’s more economical.I personally think everyone should start carpooling tomorrow.

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