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at least 2 references in each peer responses! 


Utilizing a portfolio showcases a nurse’s accomplishments, both academically and professionally. There are many advantages to using a portfolio. It can allow nurses to help identify their strengths and areas that need further development. It helps to keep all documents that are necessary for re-certifications and evaluations organized and together (Cope & Murray, 2018). There are two types of professional portfolios: a growth and development portfolio and best work portfolio (Cope &Murray, 2018). A growth and development is used for nurses to track their growth and development and is not used by anyone else. A best work portfolio is meant to be used for and by potential employers to show the growth in their career and academics.


Placing academic successes into a portfolio such as academic transcripts, allows for employers or potential employers to see your achievements. Something that I have utilized in addition to putting transcripts into my portfolio was adding letters of recommendation from my clinical instructors from nursing school. This helped to show potential employers my abilities both in a classroom as well in a clinical nursing setting. Others could put in memberships for academic organizations, such as honor society groups. This would be accurate for those in a masters program or in a graduate program. Another type of academic achievement that could be placed into my portfolio would be any continuing education such as certificates showing a completion of a course towards the maintenance of certifications. 

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