Shared reading Lesson Plan - Rough draft

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Complete the shared reading framework information, what you will say and do for each step of the framework under the first section (whole).

Complete the direct, explicit instruction steps after your shared reading framework.

  1. The following is the format for the completed Shared Reading Lesson Plan that you should submit
  2. Grade level of field class

Materials such as texts (title and author), manipulatives, word lists, etc.

Process objective


  • Name of skill from sensational six (oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, ...)
  • Procedures/steps
  • Shared Reading Framework:
  • (Whole)
  • Read aloud a shared or big book to the students.  Label each step and clearly state how you will accomplish this.
  • Introduce the book:  Explain what you will say to the students to introduce the book to them, if you choose to point out concepts of book, concepts of print, predicting, etc.

Picture Walk: Explain what you will do to provide a Picture Walk for the students, telling all that you will say to the students.

Read the book aloud:  Explain how you will read the book aloud to the students, will you stop, on what pages, what will you say.

Students’ Responses:  Develop a set of both literal and higher-order thinking questions to elicit student responses, use Bloom’s or Webb’s as a guide to questions.


Direct Instruction (Name the reading skill and explain what it means)

Explain: (I do) Explain to the students what they will be learning and why they should learn it.  Explain the skill they will be learning and explain “how it works” Summarize the skill in your own words. Teacher tells students everything you want them to learn (objectives).

  • Demonstrate: (I do) Show the students what you would like them to do. Demonstrate to them what they will be doing to help them learn the skill.  You must explain what you will do to demonstrate the skill you will be teaching. PROVIDE  EXAMPLES and link to your explain step.

Guide: (We do, more teacher responsibility, some student responsibility) Guide the students to discuss and/or attempt the skill you just demonstrated.  Explain how you will guide the students to allow them opportunities to try to apply the skill. Give support and feedback. Teacher brings students into discussion about objective and gives guidance and feedback. (Feedback must be accurate, positive and encouraging, but also firm.)

  • Practice: (We do, more student responsibility) Explain specifically how you will guide the students to practice applying the skill by allowing them to work together with less teacher support but still feedback.

Application: (You do) (Read the book again and this time ask the students to apply what they learned about the reading skill to the book you are rereading.) Explain what you will have the students do to apply the skill to the text. The students should demonstrate that they can meet objective in this step. They can show this orally or any way that you would like (drawing, writing, ...)

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