Topics on care ethics and euthanasia

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  • Technical Aspects
    Provides necessary medical and scientific information to understand the issue.
  • Public Policy
    Describes current and proposed changes in public policy/law.
  • Arguments For and Against
    Include a summary of the arguments in favor of and opposed to specific interventions, techniques, or products and a discussion of underlying ethical principles. Discuss the public policy with two additional argumentative paragraphs- one discussing the in favor of and one paragraph discussing the opposing argument
  • Conclusion
    Expresses your personal opinion regarding the importance of the topic and the strength of the pro and con arguments.
  • Topic Sentences and Paragraph Transitions
    Each section of your outline should include topic sentences and paragraph transitions that tie your significant points together.
  • Detail Sufficient to Evaluate your Thinking
    Write complete thoughts.
  • Quotes and Paraphrases
    Include from three outside sources, indicated by APA in-text citations. Sources should be less than five years old unless recent research is not available, and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a professional journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered reliable academic sources and will not be accepted.
  • Proper APA Formatting
    Include a Title Page and References. No Abstract is required for this assignment.

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