Week 9 Discussion-Montoya Rutherford

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Respond to Montoya by further supporting her response or respectfully offering a differing perspective:

Qualitative methods, quantitative methods, and mixed methods research are observations based on numerical representation and manipulation, non-numerical examination and interpretation, and a mix of the two that provides both numerical (quantitative)and non-numerical (qualitative) results and/or outcomes.  In mixed methods research, questions that include characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research will be asked along with specifying the participants, as well as the research site.  Also, in mixed methods research, questions describing how the researcher will integrate both qualitative and quantitative methods to make up the mixed method research may be asked as well.    Mixed methods research conducts research that includes both quantitative and qualitative research and means.  Some key features of mixed methods research are interpretation of data, analyzing data, collection of data, selection of mixed methods or mixed-model research design, determining the research question, determining whether a mixed researcher procedure is appropriate, and the legitimation of data (www.lawctopus.com).  A limitation of mixed methods research is that it can tend to take up more time and resources to plan and implement this method due to the fact that it has to include both quantitative and qualitative methods to make it a true mixed methods research (Denis, 2017).  A strength of mixed methods research is that it has flexibility and it can also work well with other study designs (https://pcmh.ahrq.gov).  In my discipline of criminal justice, I would be against using the mixed methods research because of time constraints along with having to complete more research from other methods that may be needed for the study.  If my focus was on only one research design, either quantitative or qualitative, I think that I would have better organization of information obtained with less time taken for the study to be completed.   


Denis. J, 2017. What are the Disadvantages of Mixed Method Research?



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