Thesis - Partial assistance required

Updated on: October 31, 2021

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Looking for help in creating 1 individual page for each of the 6 tasks below followed by a 750 word write up for each 1- Questionnaire 2. Surveys 3. Document Analysis 4. Focus Groups, 5. Observations, 6. Data Analysis. FREE RANGE to decide the objectives and goal of this project to determine the variables as long as they tie it back to Resarch, goal and scope. Please mock up & fabricate the data assuming that you reached these folks from FB and Linkedin that suits the research. Questionnaire for the interviewees to participate and respond. Surveys sent to a large number of folks. Doc analysis is the response received and what model did we use to anaylze our questionere or surveys. Who represents in the focus groups (example - healthcare, Claims professional) Data analysis of the respondents. Research topic - Exploring the Impact of Automation in Health Insurance on the Quality of Healthcare Goal of this paper – Point out too much automation and find the balance between manual and automation tasks ***Qualitative research*** All the research questions and answers should show an equal balance between automation and manual tasks. Scope: Health Insurance back office operations – (nothing to do with doctors or nurses or patients that go into hospitals or hospitals. This is all about addressing issues with Health Insurance companies and how they are non-sensitive to their customer needs, what parts in the process can we automate, example claims processing, Call center interaction does there need to a human touch or should we just push customers to machine. All state Insurance model can be reference point on how they have been able to balance manual and automation tasks.) Response required in APA format with references

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